Learn to code may be difficult for some people, everyone has his own way to learn coding. But one of the best way to learn to code is by building projects, yes it's difficult and challenging but it's the best, because when building projects you actually solving problems. We all know that when you're trying to solve problems you're thinking and implementing algorithms. So we must agree that building projects are the best way to learn, but you don’t have to dive straight into creating a project that feels impossible to start, let alone finish.

In this article, we are going to see a list of projects that you can build in order to learn to code, those projects we help you to learn real coding.

1. Build a Calculator Project

We all know calculators almost every device know has its own calculator, but have ever wonder how can you build a calculator with a programming language that you're trying to learn. Well, this project is one of the best projects to learn to code. Creating a calculator allows users to perform simple tasks using simple operations like multiplication and division.

It doesn't have to be the most exciting application, but you can rest assured it’s absolutely necessary for a beginning programmer. Here is a youtube tutorial on how to build a calculator using JavaScript.

2. Build a Blog Project

Building a blog project is a great way to start learning and diving in a framework or programming language. For me, I always start with this project when I want to learn a new web framework or mobile framework because this project is going to make learn how to work with basic functionalities like CRUD statements (Create, Read, Update, Delete) which are the most used operations in every blog project.

So if you're trying to learn PHP, Python or any other language I advise you to build this kind of projects, it's gonna be cool fun and full of new information.

Here is a tutorial about building a blog project with JavaScript.

3. Build a To-Do List Project

Probably they are plenty of resources to build to-do projects. To-do app involves most of what you would need to create a simple UI: buttons, animation, user interaction, and events.

You should build to-do projects because simply they let you understand the basics of any framework or programming language. So just start to build this projects because it's gonna be fun and enjoyable. of course it doesn't have to be a complete project with complicated operations and algorithms, the goal is to learn and not to make obstacles in front of you.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a to-do app using ReactJs.

4. Build a Random Quote Machine Project

The idea is to let the user interact with the app by clicking a button and the app should generate a new random quote from the database and also you can add social media buttons to make the quote sharable and the user can share it with his friends for example.

You can build these single-page projects on CodePen or JS Bin. They'll help you practice HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and you can even throw in Angular or React. They'll also force you to get good at responsive design, JSON APIs, and leveraging your browser's local storage.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a random quote machine with reactJs.

5. Build a Weather App Project

If you would consider making a simple weather app, you would learn some more UI elements provided by the platform. Of course, the UI creation depends on how complex you want your weather app to be. I would suggest referring Apple’s weather app. It’s a very simple and clean weather app. Apart from UI, you will learn to make a server request and parse data coming from the server. For this, you can use any free API provided by the numerous sources to get the current weather data.

Here is a tutorial on how to build a weather app with JavaScript.

6. Build a Snake Game

This project is advanced a little bit so I do not advise you to start with it unless you’ve been coding for a while, you gain an almost intuitive sense of the logical progression of an application. A game as simple as Snake, for example, is not a complete chunk. It’s a sequence of logical pieces.

To be able to create a Snake game, we have to make use of HTML <canvas>. This is what is used to draw graphics using JavaScript.

The only and best article that I see can help you build this kind of projects is this one from medium Think like a programmer: How to build Snake using only JavaScript, HTML & CSS


Always in the world of programming and coding Start Small, Think Big this is a magical rule that will help success. Programming projects bleed into each other. Pick up a project with HTML and CSS. Next thing you know, you’ll be playing with JavaScript. Before long, you’ll be creating Python games in your sleep. It’s miraculous what a steady, consistent flow of projects can do for your programming knowledge. [article in the same topic].