The reasons why we use Laravel and why it's so popular, it's hard to compare in terms of overall numbers between frameworks but I'm pretty sure laravel has become number one PHP framework on the market and in terms of usage and how many people actually use it. So why? and what are the reasons? why it's so popular?

So here is four reasons why should choose laravel.

1. Quality price and speed

I have four reasons that make laravel the best PHP framework on the market right now, I'm gonna a talk from business point of view, there are three things that business requirements which are triangle of quality, price and speed, so everyone wants projects to be done fast cheap and with enough quality and it's pretty impossible, that's why they said you have to choose two out of three.

Laravel is pretty flexible to choose those two so in general laravel as a framework it has the boundaries of the code structure the tools, that's why developer has everything out of the box with laravel that's why it makes it fast to develop projects in laravel and also with that it makes it cheaper because it's an entry level to the market, because more laravel developers are getting into the market and this one is getting cheaper but with that much you have enough quality so the framework itself gives boundaries so even entry level developer with laravel it's pretty difficult to screw up in laravel it's possible of course, but in general with laravel projects you do have enough quality with quick turnaround and pretty cheap price, of course, it's flexible but for business point of view it's a good factor it's a reason why I use laravel so that's the one.

2. The community

Community I mean people behind laravel and I'm one of them of course, I consider myself ad one of them as blogger, but even the creators team there is Taylor Otwell of course the creator of laravel but you should know that you have a plenty of github committers to laravel so hundreds of people are contributing and the there are people like Jeffery Away and Adam Wathan a lot of people just tend to share the knowledge, they create podcasts and blog then there is Laracasts forum which is really active and a lot of people on StackOverflow the whole community is pretty awesome in terms of helpfulness they generally help they're positive, so the community helps the developers which means that if you hire a laravel developer you hired the community that will absolutely help the developer to deliver the project and also there are a lot of packages a lot of already built tools by community, tutorials so all that ecosystem is pretty awesome so that's the reason number two.

3. Maintainability

I's pretty easy to maintain laravel projects What I mean by that?, So if for example the project is started by one developer or developer team and then for some reason you have other developers coming up to the team it's pretty easy to understand code and that was one of the main reasons behind laravel ideas from I heard from Tylor and Jeffry. They have tried to make the code really readable and they succeed Like the final code happening behind the scenes like eloquent or whatever it's kind of hidden but on the surface the code is really readable, understandable and easy to take over someone else's code, So that's why in the long run bigger projects tend to go easier with laravel than for example Symfony where you have to spend more time analyzing the code, so that's reason number three maintainability.

4. Ecosystem for enterprise

That one is for bigger solutions bigger projects, we know that the creator of laravel has launched two additional tools basically for deployment things like laravel forge and then other things which are not created by Tylor Otwell like some packages for backup, laravel echo a lot of things, they have made the whole ecosystem pretty stable, and laravel is not exactly moving to enterprise level but into bigger projects so it became really possible and really doable to create huge projects with laravel with hundreds of thousands of users, of course, it's not about laravel only then you have database and server architecture so laravel it's not a magic bullet but the whole tools environment behind the laravel in addition to laravel is becoming more and more powerful and with recent versions of laravel you have a lot of things in the code which is added to that thing, so that's number four why it makes sense for businesses to use laravel which is tools ecosystem for bigger projects.

So yeah these are four reasons why laravel I well list them again :

  1. Quality, Speed, Price Triangle
  2. Community and Creator behind laravel
  3. Maintenance
  4. Ecosystem for big Solutions.