Setting up new project

So the first thing to do is to create a new flutter project using command line on your IDE, I'm going to use visual studio code in this tutorial.

Creating all needed pages

In this project I will try to make an app that will let us do some CRUD operations using SQLite in flutter. so here are the pages that we'll need.

You need to create a new folder inside lib folder and call it pages inside this folder I'll create 4 pages.

  • -pages/
    • home_page.dart
    • view_product_page.dart
    • add_product_page.dart
    • update_product_page.dart

Now you also need to create a model class for our product, that's why I'm going to create a new folder named models inside the lib folder and create a new dart file named product.dart inside this models folder.

One more thing to do is to create a new folder called services inside the lib folder which will contain a new dart file I'll called dbhelper.dart.

Finally the structure of this project will look like this for now. flutter sqflite project