6 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

Being a good developer isn't just about knowing the code. You have to think, problem-solve and focus on what you're working on. but most important you have to be productive, here is how you can be...

Never become This kind of Programmer

Learn how to program yo build something meaningful, something that helps real people with real problems, so never forget don't be a programmer be a problem solver...

Top Programming Languages in 2020

Top 3 programming languages in 2019, Python is pretty good general language and it's good for a lot of backend development, for Android development just pick Java or Kotlin, although I recommend you to pick flutter ...

Should you Learn Java in 2020?

You're struggling if you should learn Java or not, if you are looking for a job in a legacy company or enterprise it worth to learn Java but if you want to get into android mobile development you shouldn't learn Java anymore.

Upload Image with Ajax & Laravel 5.8 & Intervention Image Library

This article helps you upload an image using Ajax and Laravel 5.7 and Intervention Image Library, it's not the perfect way but it works for me, and I hope you adjust it for your purposes.

Reduce Ionic 4 app Loading Time Tips

You want to decrease loading time for your ionic 3 or ionic 4 applications, so you are in the right place, it's easy just follow up this article and your good to go.

How to make a custom input file ionic 4

You may have searched for long, how to personalize the input file in an ionic 3 or 4 application, here is the easiest and simplest way to do that.