6 Tips To Improve Your Productivity

In this article I going to tell you about five tips to improve your productivity, those tips will help you of you implement them or just some of them, the goal is not the tips itself, but the productivity, everything that will improve your productivity is good and you should keep it and stay away from all things that will loose your focus and decrease your productivity.

Tip 1 : Leverage the power of habit

Building a habit is one of the most difficult things and breaking a habit is more difficult and harder, it’s typical to speak about procrastination as a habit, but once you would like to break this habit and get rid of it you will face some difficulties, many people will fail at end you must be patient because you'll not succeed at beginning, you'll fail many times, your role is to keep going until you build that new habit and break with the old one. Building good habits and making routine will definitely help be more productive even small habits that you may not notice in your daily life, start today and you'll be productive one day, and it will become second nature for you.

Tip 2 : Sleep more

It's easy to not get enough sleep if you're sacrificing it to work more or procrastinated until the last minute to work on your project or studying for your test.

You should know that not getting enough sleep fucks everything up, though. Working harder at something only counts if the time you're spending is effective. If you can't focus because of chronic lack of sleep, you're not being more productive, you're being less, also, the amount of time you're sleeping matters. when you sleep enough hours you wakeup early morning, then start working on you projects so you will have better focus, get more done, and spend less time on social media sites, at the end you will notice that you have extra hours in your day so sleep more please.

Tip 3 : Keep yourself busy and accountable with deadlines

One of things you should do is actually to fill out your calender with lots of focus blocks and deadlines, that way you barely have time to procrastinate the deadlines you set for yourself or even better that you promised to other people, believe or not this will keep you accountable for actually completing the projects, that way you can't procrastinate because you just had a lot to finish and a lot of people or clients are dependent on you to finish them.

Tip 4 : Turn off push notifications

When you're working on some code, pretty much the worst thing that can happen is getting distracted. When you need to get some work done, it's super easy to see something flash up on your phone and waste 15 minutes checking Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Instagram. And once you get back to what you were working on before, it takes even more time to get back in the zone and focused like before you got distracted.

Push notifications are just the worst. Especially with apps like Facebook or Instagram, who want you to have ads in your eyeballs at all times. It doesn't even matter any more if you don't have anyone like your posts or follow you. You still get sent a notification about something meaningless, like how someone updated their story or a friend is going to an event near you. It's just a trick to get you to check in again and waste more of your time. You're not stupid, so don't respond to them or even don't give them that opportunity, starting today, you should really turn off all push notifications to everything especially social media. You can check it at the end of the day or at predefined times, only this tip will help you get some serious work done without getting interrupted all the time.

Tip 5 : Take a break

Don't think about work, just have fun because there is a lot of people half-ass their productive time but they also half-ass their fun time for example there is a lot of people studying while watching TV shows, that's terrible because you end up not enjoying the show nor learning the things you're trying to learn, so when you give yourself a break make sure don't think about anything else, if you love TV shows just turn off you phone and immerse yourself, surprisingly you'll actually learn a lot more by doing that.

Tip 6 : Exercise exercise exercise

I truly believe that exercising will make sharper, exercising helps relieve stress because it releases endorphins which are fell-good hormones that way it allows you refresh your mind and be a lot more productive throughout the day, it doesn't even need to be super intense as long as you get you heart rate up, and work on moving your body more you'll feel the benefits right away.

Exercise is a powerful habit and can be a good primer that will let you build this productive habits, so I highly recommend going to the gym or exercise regularly, getting to the gym three times a week has so many different health benefits. It will help you to think clearer when you're working or coding and get rid of all the damage you're doing to your body from sitting all day.


So in conclusion the most important point to get across is that if you really want to be good at something or you want to change an aspect of your life then make it a habit, now you might say oh yeah it's not easy it sounds though and you're absolutely right, building habits is extremely hard and everyone found it hard but if you really care about the thing you want to achieve then you'll put the effort into it and that's why you should also keep yourself accountable for what you said and decide.